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Thank you for visiting the official website of Devin Lee Carlson, authors of a wide realm of fiction novels. Our showcased books are listed below. Please feel free to browse and read each synopsis.

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Our Novels

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Amongst the Fallen

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Labeled as deviants of the Fallen, twin brother and sister face several adversaries. Brian embraces his darker side while Ariane clings to the light of humanity. Can they survive amongst the Fallen?

Brian and Ariane seek answers to their unorthodox creation. In doing so, they tackle unexpected rivals, including an arrogant immortal. Assigned by his clan to exterminate the siblings, Sabree infiltrates their daily routines. Brian welcomes the knowledge Sabree offers about the Fallen, yet remains vigilant to his deceit. Falling for Sabree’s angelic charms, Ariane unravels from her human connection. When Brian nosedives into the supernatural realm, Ariane sees no alternative but to join him. The twins launch a scavenger hunt to recover a journal that details their true origin. Can Brian and Ariane survive amongst the Fallen?

AMONGST THE FALLEN is a Paranormal Urban Fantasy for YA and young minds alike.

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Annihilate the Fallen

Still at odds with the Fallen and those who exiled them, Brian and Ariane also find themselves battling each other and their emergent characteristics. Their anti-ness, as they call it.

The siblings’ clan of misfits grows as Ariane uses her scientific prowess to concoct an artificial serum that mimics their blood, freeing their dependency on humans. The serum will also free the twins from Sabree’s hold.

Brian exploits his abilities of portal and time travel. Sabree loses a part of himself after Brian rescues him from certain death. While discovering her own unique abilities of metamorphosis, Ariane craves more. She delves into the darkness where Brian recently departed. Events lead them to war against the Fallen and the messengers inside the portal realm.

The misfit clan joins a covert organization known as the Human Fallen Alliance to prevent world destruction. Can Brian and Ariane’s clan succeed or will Earth meet its annihilation?

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Antagonize of the Fallen

Coming soon.

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Ravenscar: By Blood We Unite

To outsmart a wizard’s dark magick, Darrick Ravenscar places his faith in an Antillean warlock and witch to reclaim his reign.

Antilles is home to the Antillean, Elven, Torweld, and Ursidax tribes. Legend foretells a chosen ruler will unite the clans once again should he or she wear the lost crown. The elder clan lord of Ursidax met with a tragic end in search of the mystical headpiece, leaving behind the Ravenscar legacy to his son, Darrick. The Elven queen deems the young lord a worthy candidate to unite the isle and sends her son to safeguard him. Despite Prince Fierctar’s efforts, the wizard Dragorn rewrites legend by controlling another/Gunzer Ravenscar with magick to do his bidding—kill Darrick.

Mortally wounded, Darrick wakes inside a humble abode where Althea and Auray Woodsman miraculously nurse him back to health. While he recovers, Darrick befriends the Antillean siblings and learns about the Ways from Althea. She practices the magick while Auray refuses to acknowledge the gifts of his birthright. Darrick falls in love with Althea; however, in time, he must return to his Ursidax family and resume his duty as clan lord.

Unexpected twists, lies, and accusations bring the Woodsman siblings to Ursidax. Trouble begins when Darrick sends Auray to apprentice under Dragorn. When Althea discovers how the wizard manipulated Gunzer, the Ravenscar brothers set off to rescue Auray. Will they be too late?

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Ravenscar: By Magick We Unite

To outsmart a wizard’s dark magick, Darrick Ravenscar places his faith in an Antillean warlock and witch to reclaim his reign.

Prince Fierctar of the Woodland Elves convinces Darrick Ravenscar to travel north to Astradyne so the Elven mage can break Dragorn’s spell over Auray and Gunzer. Auray’s infatuation with Princess Willo upsets the Elven Queen Vienna. She retaliates against Auray only to have her Woodland realm unravel when her attempt to kill him fails.

Dragorn imprisons Althea in Bloodgorge, outraged that his controlling spell over Gunzer and Auray has shattered. This news feeds Althea hope that those she loves will soon rescue her. Meanwhile, the hunt for the crown takes her rescuers on a journey to Mt. Denune, through the Dead Forest, and eventually to Bloodgorge. Darrick is heartbroken to learn that Althea has married Dragorn.

A magickal battle ensues between Auray and Dragorn. Can the Ways conquer dark magick? Will the legend hold true—will the crown unite the tribes of Antilles?

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Mayan Resurrection

While researching the cosmos, a graduate student observes a beam originating from a black hole in the Milky Way. Galen Stewart is the only one who can see the beam and calculates its trajectory to Recluse, Montana. His professor discovers lightning recently unearthed a Mayan obelisk near Recluse and asks Galen to join his team, realizing he is the key to the mysterious beam.

Destiny brings Lucia Torrez, a gifted archaeological student, to Recluse. She joins the team when the embankment around the obelisk erodes to reveal the same pyramid in her nightmares. Lucia befriends Galen, who confides that an apparition has haunted him since the age of thirteen. Together, the two determine that the sun's path will intercept the beam during a solar eclipse. This discovery guarantees the project’s failure at capturing the beam’s energy.

As the eclipse nears, odd behaviors, weather anomalies, and natural disasters affect Recluse. Galen’s apparition possesses his soul. Lucia's translations of the hieroglyphs warn of impending doom. The Maya built the pyramid 5,000 years ago as a keep to imprison a legendary monster. If set free, its wrath promises an apocalyptic end.

Instead of capturing the beam, the team inadvertently releases Ek'-Way. Its hunger for souls drives the hulking monster to devour Earth’s population in search of the one soul meant to unite with it. Lucia believes a human sacrifice will stop the killing spree. Will the rest of the team agree?

About the Authors

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Since the early 90s, Devin Lee Carlson, the pseudo-name for two authors working in conjunction, has written three novels: an Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi/Thriller, and is currently working on book one and two of the Ravenscar fantasies. With combined BS degrees in English and Chemistry, past employment includes scientist and technical writer assisting with scientific applications, technical documents, website design, and writing for the helpdesk knowledge base. Carlson prefers to write fiction. 

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